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G. P. Schultz

Welcome to the website of G.P. Schultz, author of the best-selling novels, Gully Town and The Ghost Dancers, and the Thorpe Menn award-winning novel, Incident at Simms Center. His latest book is The Bradens of Kansas City.

Gully Town


Available in hardcover and ebook

Come along on an action-packed journey back to the 1860's, where you'll experience pre-Civil War border raids, Quantrill's sacking of Lawrence, and the Battle of Westport before moving to early-day Kansas City and the colorful people and places that figured in its rise.

In settings ranging from Kansas City's West Bottoms to Quality Hill, you'll follow the lives and fortunes of five very different men, the women they love, and the families they create in G.P. Schultz's historic saga about the settlement and growth of one of America's great cities.

"G.P. Schultz has polished Kansas City's past and placed it on his mantel like a treasured antique clock."
   —Art Brisbane, Kansas City Star

"Gully Town portrays Kansas City much like a vintage yearbook and offers a rare sense of satisfying completion."
   —Pat Anthony, Sun Newspaper

"With considerable insight and romance—G. P. Schultz has caught the flavor of a robust, thriving, conniving, American city of the nineteenth century."
   —Fred Slater, Saint Joseph News/Press Gazette

"A sincere, old fashioned, sentimental novel that flows as smoothly as the wide Missouri and could well make the charts."
   —Isabel Merriam, Wednesday Magazine

"Gully Town can best be described as heartwarming because the characters are such likeable folk."
   —Jerry Heaster, Kansas City Star

"[G.P. Schultz] has the finesse and skill to present scenes of rapid fire action, mind-numbing rejection and loss, violent battle, and intense passion so that the reader smells, hears and sees the action before he feels it—it's as if the reader is reveling in his own memories..."
   —Judy King, Goodreads

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